Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for 2018

There is a strong intention to emphasize one’s individuality this season as well as embracing natural texture. We have tried to do our own research to explore some impressive hairstyles for 2018 taking our inspiration from popular celebrities. You cannot go wrong with any of these styles because celebrities have already managed to impress. Go on reading to explore your own style. Faux Perms

Take your beach waves a notch higher with faux perms. It’s said that perms are back and you just need to personalize the trend. Grab your curling iron and create tight, bouncy curls for an ‘80s inspired look that sure to turn heads. These perms complement any hair length- including long, short and medium. You are going to fall in love with the style.

Instagram Inspired Short Cute Hairstyles

Instagram is a place where you can find your ultimate inspiration for long, short or medium hair. The latest trends appear there first and only after that they gain popularity among women around different corners of the world. A new hairstyle is an excellent way to jazz up your entire look. When it comes to short hair, the options are endless. Even if you are not interested in changing your hairstyle, you can add a lovely headpiece in it and your new look is ready for the day. Here are the best Instagram inspired short hairstyles.
Cute Elastic Headband and Pixie

Weather you are wearing a headband with a patriotic intention or you just want to make a fashion statement, we have nothing against it. Colorful headbands may become an interesting element of your image. It will definitely accessorize your short pixie or bob haircut. You can keep things either super messy or elegant and polished. The choice is up to you.

Long Choppy Bob Hairstyles for 2018

If you are here, it means you need a hair change. Changing your hair will fill your life with new feelings and emotions. We offer you these long layered bob hairstyles for 2018 that can be just as feminine as they are daring. Long choppy bobs got updated and now they look better. These styles are for ladies that have always dreamed to rock a bob, but not ready to go for an ultra-short crop. Check the pictures below and get inspired from. Shoulder Length Bob with Choppy Layers

The straight and smooth look shows off a choppy layered bob that bounds to spin heads. You can run your fingers throughout the bob for an effortless and tousled style. It will provide with extra volume as well. The thing that we love about this style is the highlights and lowlights that have been structurally placed to give this style a great finish.

New Medium Hairstyles for Women over 50

Women always want to look their best regardless of their age. Indeed, being 50 doesn’t mean everything is lost for you. Various haircuts and hair colors are for everyone- be that bold or subtle. What kind of hairstyles and haircuts are good for women at this age? This is the question you would like to give us. Well, hairstylists think that medium length hairstyles are what women at this age need to try. They offer huge hairstyle options and encourage older women to be trendy and classic. So, right now, boost your confidence and gain a youthful appearance with these medium hairstyles for women over 50.  Balayage Bob 

This balayage bob will not let anyone guess your real age. A fresh bob will definitely take several years out of your face while providing with a gorgeous hair design. The style features thick hair at the front and center with balayage highlights. Timeless soft curls make the hairstyle complete. Show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for a hairdo like this. 

Easy-to-do Braided Hairstyles Everyone Should Try

Braids can be created on any type of hair and can be worn by everyone. Regardless of whether you go to a party or office, braids make a sense. Those who are blessed with textured and lengthy hair, have more styling opportunities. Braids can always make you look striking and attractive. Indeed, there are types of braids that you can achieve within minutes. Go on reading and explore the easiest braided hairstyles for yourself.Ribbon Weave

Recently we have noticed that ribbon weaves are back in fashion. It’s not surprising at all as the ribbon adds a pop of color to the style while making the entire braid more interesting. The ribbons weaved along the braid also gives extra appeal. Play up with your favorite colors without any commitment. You may make your hairstyle even more complicated by adding extra details. 

Top Hairstyles for Professional Women in 2018

If you are a business lady or a professional woman, you have a chance to get bored or tired of the same hairstyle that you wear everyday. There is a way to jazz up your workplace hairstyle and look fabulous while maintaining your professional appearance. Indeed, you can try something more than a regular bun. The most important thing about professional hairstyles is that they need to be low-maintenance. Hence, keeping everything in our mind, we have selected top hairstyles for professional women in 2018.Short Volumized Bob

Well, you can’t do much with your ultra-short haircut but it’s a well-proved fact that bob always looks smart on working women. To make your bob more interesting and elegant simply decorate it with graduated front fringe. And don’t forget about adding volume on the crown part of your head. This hairstyle will definitely help you boost your confidence.

Hair Trends That We Will Not See in 2018

Women are always interested to know what is trendy, but they have never tried to know what is not trend anymore. We have put together some hair trends that are not trendy anymore. It means you will need to say goodbye to what you are going to see below. Popular hairstylist have better solutions. Just go on reading and be a step forward from others. Pastel Hair and dip Dyed Tips

Dip-dye is like washing your hair tips with vibrant colors. It offers lower maintenance color idea. But recently we have noticed that the temporary hair dyes provide with more interesting coloristic solution. So why we want to see it again? Once your dip-dyed tip get faded, it loses its impressiveness. Prepare yourself for vibrant shades from root to ends. If, right now you have dip-dyed hair, just consider updating it.

Haircuts That Are Good For Long Hair

How long are you ready to go? Well, you can go as long as you want, but think of throwing in some layers and bangs to complement your face and texture. Sometimes long hair may look plain but these patterns will never let you have boring or outdated hair look. The possibilities of chopping off your locks are really endless. Before you will head to hair salon to get your next crop, check out these haircuts for long hair that we have taken from celebrities.Long with Tight Curls 

For a striking curly hairstyle like this, you need beautifully blended round layers all over your head. Layers don’t make the curls look heavy. Keep the layers on the longer side and start the first layer right from your chin. If you have these  curls naturally, then don’t hesitate to get the following cut. However, hair products and tools may come in handy to provide you this hair design even if you don’t have curls. 

2018 Hair Color Trends

Want to see a new version of yourself? Start from your hair. It will radically change your appearance. 2018 hair color trends are all over the color spectrum. It means you have countless striking ways to express yourself. Various blonde, brunette, red and pin shades are leading hair salons. Now say goodbye to your current hair color and prepare yourself for a new look with a brand-new shade. Scroll down to see 2018 hair color trends. trendy hair colorContrasting Roots 

If you are looking for a maintenance free way to become a blonde, consider keeping your roots natural. You don’t have to think about grown out roots. The contrasting shades provide with a fabulous appearance. This carefree style has become popular even among celebrities. Selena Gomez is the most popular bearer of the shade so take cue from her gorgeous style. 

Hairstyles and Girly Bows to Wear

Hollywood A-listers are obsessed with the most feminine and elegant hair element such bows. A simple tiny ribbon can do something incredible with your hair. From ponytail to a short pixie haircut, a bow can make it irresistible. Watch these pictures of different hairstyles with girly bows and decide which option is appropriate for your hairstyle and haircut.Ponytail and Velvet

You are tired of your traditional ponytail style? Well, elevate it with a cute velvet hair bow. It will take your ponytail to the next level. The best thing about this pony is that you can rock it casually as well as formally. There are various shades of bows that you may choose, but the black one is the most solid and elegant tone you may choose for yourself.