2017 Hair Colors for Black Women

It is always hard to choose a hair color for this or that skin complexion but the fact is that there is a hue for everyone. Today we are going to concentrate on dark skin women who always think that they can wear only certain hair colors. This article is meant to prove that Afro American women can pull off any shade- from solid to bright pastels. The initial part of it is to choose a right tone as you know that every color has various sub-tones that may flatter your complexion. Here are 2017 hair colors for black women ranging from dark shades to ultra light tints.  2017 Hair Colors for Black WomenRed Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Red is a versatile hue, so you should be attentive while choosing an appropriate shade for your skin tone. Moreover auburn reds and cherry red will definitely bring out the beauty of your complexion and eye color. Anything in between these hues will compliment your skin tone while making it stunning. However you will need to go for pre-lightning sessions if you want to have it as an all over color. But in case if you are looking for a low-maintenance style go for red highlights.Red Hair Colors for Dark SkinBlonde Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Women with black skin can rock blonde hues too. We have spotted some black celebrities with strawberry blonde highlights that look absolutely stunning. Some other blonde shades that flatter black skin tones are golden blonde, light blonde and beige blonde. You can also pull off dark blonde hair color with some golden highlights. In case if you decide to go for lighter hues, pair it with dark base!

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