Amazing Afro-American Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

Having much fun with braided hairstyles is quite popular these days. It seems as if the Afro-American cornrow braids hairstyles are again back with more creative and innovative solutions. It is often seen among celebrities and posh black women who have unruly hair and take control over their locks with this cute trick. Luckily, the newest cornrow braids are also seen on the runways offered by talented designers. These experiments surprise us with their modern touches and cool effects.cornrow braids hairstyles 2017What is Cornrow Braid?

So, the cornrow braids or the so called glued plaits represent a branch of the braiding art and come up with a variety of styles, sizes and looks. They can form either simple lines on the head or more complicated figures and effects. The main principal of this hairstyle is to get tight, neat and comfy braids all over the hair. No strand is left out of the braids and the final look is quite impressive.

Kim Kardashian Cornrow braids 2017

Kim Kardashian Cornrow braids 2017

If you want to get perfect cornrow braids you should visit a skillful hair dresser who is familiar with the Afro-American braided hairstyles. Every summer we see many more women wearing cornrow-braided hairstyles. Some get their inspiration from hot celebrities like Kardashian sisters. Though they are not Afro-American women but they do love the traditional Afro hairstyles and become big trendsetters of many Afro hairdos. It is recommended to adopt cornrows for a few days or weeks. The risk of damaging your hair and suffer from alopecia may increase if you keep this hairstyle for over a month.

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