Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for 2018

There is a strong intention to emphasize one’s individuality this season as well as embracing natural texture. We have tried to do our own research to explore some impressive hairstyles for 2018 taking our inspiration from popular celebrities. You cannot go wrong with any of these styles because celebrities have already managed to impress. Go on reading to explore your own style. Faux Perms

Take your beach waves a notch higher with faux perms. It’s said that perms are back and you just need to personalize the trend. Grab your curling iron and create tight, bouncy curls for an ‘80s inspired look that sure to turn heads. These perms complement any hair length- including long, short and medium. You are going to fall in love with the style.Air-Dried Hair

Ditch the air dryer for the look that is damage free. According to celebs’ stylists, natural texture is huge this season. They offer to use hair products which are made for air-dry perfection. However, the following headdress makes an excellent casual style that every lady should give it a try. Regardless of your nature, rock the look and you will not regret.Super Blunt Bob

We can’t get enough of bobs. Last year we have seen many celebrities with statement bobs, so this year is not an exception too. The lob gives its place to super blunt bobs. Some popular celebrities assure that lobs are dead and blunt lines in bobs are back. The style is for those who are ready to stand out in the crowd.Natural Curls and Untouched Bangs

Wear your curls as they are – freshly washed and untouched. Well, all you need to do is to use a wide tooth comb on wet hair to remove snarls. In case if you want to re-create the look with straight hair, let air dry then use a large barreled curling iron and curl your hair section by section for a true natural look.Undone Updos

Romantic updo styles have been the most desired look on red carpet. These updos are so versatile that you have many options to choose from including simple and complicated variations. Soft layers around the face may add a romantic touch the style so consider this fact before you create your own design. By the way hairstylists provide their clients with the most eye-catching undone updo styles. So, now you can wear disheveled hairdos casually as well as formally. Take cue from popular starlets. 

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