Faux Locks Hairstyles for Afro-American Females

The undercut draws attention to the model’s face while accentuating her cheekbones. If you have appropriate face shapes sport this style and make a statement.Locks with Shaved SidesSilver Faux Locks with Loose Ends

If you have always dreamed to rock a silver hair color, but wasn’t ready for a big commitment, here is a solution for you. Opt for silver extensions. They don’t require bleaching your hair. When applying the extensions, don’t cover them whole way down. Leave curly ends hanging free. The result will be just unique and outstanding.Silver Faux Locks with Loose EndsOne-Length Dreads with Beads

One-length dreads look as fabulous as layered ones. Go for one-length dread locks and accessorize them amazing beads. Beads make the best accessory for dread locks. They add a sophisticated touch faux locks. If you have a good natural texture, you may get the look by braiding or twisting your strands. As you can see the result is simply luxurious.One-Length Dreads with BeadsSide-Parted Chocolate Locks

You don’t have to get a vibrant and unconventional hair color to create an amazing hair look. These dreads are fabulous even in a chocolate brown shade. The dreads are accessorized with beads and swept to the side for a sophisticated touch. Medium-length dreadlocks are just impressive for anyone who is looking for a low-maintenance style.Side-Parted Chocolate Locks

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