Hottest Hairstyle Ideas for Bob Haircuts

Once upon a time posh and inspiring beauty Cleopatra brought the bob haircut to the world of fashion and made it a big trend. Being inspired by her secrets of beauty and glamorous hairstyles women today wear various bob cuts to display their powerful femininity and attractiveness. If you think that bob is a simple and dull haircut always providing you with the same look, then check out this collection of the best hairstyles for bob haircuts to try in 2016/2017.bob hairstyles 2017Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle  

The biggest hair trend for the moment is the slicked back style. It is stolen from men’s fashion but since women know how to make male styles feminine, they have created a soft effect for their bob cuts. These slicked back bob hairstyles allow to bring out the face shape along with killer facial features as well as give you the chance to look classier and more confident.  slicked back bob 2017How to Style: Start with slightly damp hair. Apply hair protective cream and go for blow drying or flat ironing to get the smooth, shiny and straight result. Then comb all backwards and tease the top part a little bit for additional volume. After this, you can apply hair oils, shiny and strong-hold products on the top and middle part of your hair and comb all gently backwards creating the slicked back style.

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