5 Cute Braided Hairstyles

I am a big fan of braided hairstyles and I always enjoy the time I spend on the new discoveries of braided hairdos. Today our team will share the cutest braided hairstyles with you to try in any season and for any occasion. Braids are perhaps the most eye-catching, girlish and glamorous hairstyles with so many styling ideas and creative solutions. Braids come for help when you don’t know how to style your hair properly. They are great even for bad hair days.braided hairstyles 2017Five Strand Dutch Braid

The combination of simple and a bit complicated styles provides us with astounding and lovely results. We have the same in the case of the beautiful five strand Dutch braid. Actually Dutch braids are becoming more and more requested due to their charming and “royal” nature. These hairstyles are not only interesting but also quite attractive. They grab attention and make you stand out from the crowd. In order to style the following hairdo you need to section your locks into 5 strands and then start braiding also using the French plating technique.five strand dutch braidFrench Pigtail Braids

Believe it or not the most popular and fashionable braided style is the French pigtail braid for the moment. It became so required and trendy due to Kardashian sisters who wear it quite often including also their little and cute kids. Though you may think that pigtails are teenage hairstyles but once you try it on your own hair, you feel how seductive and convenient it is especially for the hot season. French pigtails are created on medium to long locks. They are more beautiful with highlighted or ombre hair.french pigtail braids 2016Halo Braid Hairstyle

Milkmaid or the so-called halo braid is another stylish hairstyle for ladies who feel as if they are medieval princesses. This hairstyle comes from old times and has the real royal touch in it like any other crown braid. Instead of wearing artificial and fake crowns, headbands or something alike on your head, you get a nice and subtle crown just created by your own hair. Doesn’t this sound appealing? There are several ways to get halo braids but the most common one is accompanied by pigtails.halo braid 2016Side Fishtail Braid

Even the simplest braided hairstyles are sometimes so luxurious and exquisite. One of them is the quick and easy to do fishtail braid which sparkles with its beauty even on messy locks. It’s better to opt for side parted fishtail braids to look as subtle as possible. While some of the above represented braided hairstyles require a professional approach the lovely side braid is possible to style even by yourself. It’s effortless and quite pretty. Pull hair to one side, section into two thick strands and start braiding.side fishtail braid 2016Braided Updo Hairstyle

Here is an astounding hairstyle special for women who are in a search of cool prom hairdo. Braided updos are effect festive hairstyles for any special occasion. They are great both for evening parties and for weddings. You can opt for a unique braided updo hairstyle using your fantasy and creativity. Just go for the style that works well with your hair type and length.braided updo 2017

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