Easy-to-do Braided Hairstyles Everyone Should Try

When it comes to the type of braid you can go ahead either with simple three-strand braid or Dutch braid. The choice is up to you.Halo Braided Bun

Perhaps you have never imagined how it’s easy to pull of halo braid. The complicated look of the braid made many of you give up on it. This hairdo is quite easy to wear. It requires braiding the hair underneath by putting the rest of hair tucked above. Then simply put the braid across the head and secure it with pins.Bangs and Side Braid

Women that have long bang sometime find it pretty irritating. Well, there is a solution to this problem. Braid your bangs along with the rest of your strands. This sample shows off a great loose braid that is done by weaving into the braided bangs. This headdress allows you to hide your bangs and get rid of tendrils falling into your eyes. New day, new hairstyle. Hippie Plaits 

It is never late to try out some irresistible retro inspired hairstyles. Hippie plaits are among the best hairdos that you need to take into consideration.The key to an excellent hippie hairstyle is the right chosen accessory. Luckily hippie plaits are something that you can create within three minutes. Go back in time and leave your friends with hair envy. 

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