Hottest Middle Part Braided Hairstyles

The most creative category of hairstyles is braids. This is the limitless world of hair art that gives us so many hair styling ideas and options. If you want to try a new plait then check out our collection of the hottest middle part braided hairstyles. Hairstylists have combined two trendy styles to create a complicated yet more attractive hair embellishing option. So, take a hair cream, comb, a handful of bobby pins and elastics and start styling these cool hairdos.  middle part braided hairstyles 2017Middle Parted Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids have become very popular in Hollywood. Today we see it not only on the red carpet and on runway but also on the streets. Women love the hairdos that make them look like young girls. So, middle part braided pigtails are the number one hairstyles among trendy plaits.middle part pigtails 2017How to Style: Part your hair into two sections and braid from the top part into pigtails. Use French, Dutch or rope braiding methods to achieve tight and seductive plaits.  They look like Afro inspired hairstyles that’s why Kardashian sisters made them big trends in the fashion world displaying their love towards the cozy style.

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