Newest Double Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Afro braids, box braids and all the cornrow-braided hairstyles give us new hair styling ideas reminding of the old yet gold techniques. Now we see the huge comeback of the cute double braid hairstyles with modern twists and seductive solutions. These hairdos are everywhere on the runway from Milan and London fashion week to the latest Paris and New York fashion shows. The Italian super stylish and professional designers offer us cool ideas on how we can rock the double or the so-called pigtail braid hairstyle in 2017.pigtail hairstyles 2017What is it?

These are mainly Afro and French braid inspired hairstyles with tight and shiny effects. They are perfect medium to long haircuts and look beautiful on any hair color. Being a comfy hairstyle for workout, shopping and just for casual days pigtail braids are symmetrically separated hairstyles plaited from the top part to the tips into tight braids. It easily brings out your facial features, keeps all hair out of the face and creates a net look. Many love the double braid style as it makes them look younger and prettier. These hairstyles are really glamorous especially when the hair is in multi-tone shades.

pigtail Braid Hairstyle Paris fashion 2017

pigtail Braid Hairstyle Paris fashion 2017

Here you see some of the latest examples of double braids from the runway and from the posh red carpet looks. Celebrities have already enjoyed its charm on their hair and will continue to experiment with more creative ideas in 2017. Some of the styles are easy to do and effortless braids for you to get on your own hair. But if you are not sure you can perfect it you’d better ask for the help of a hairstylist.

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