Popular Braided Hairstyle Ideas from Street Fashion

Street is the best place where you can show off your individual style and fashionable look. People always pay attention to the trendiest looks and hairstyles on the street and take examples from stylish women. If you are one of them then amuse everyone with your astounding appearance wearing one of these cool braided hairstyles in your everyday life. I have chosen the most recent looks special for you to copy in 2017.braided hairstyles 2017Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Instead of the common and simple side braid hairstyle, you are supposed to try something more flexible and beautiful. It can be the following fishtail braid with some other baby braids. This hairdo best goes with long and thick hair.side fishtail braid 2017How to Style: Apply a little amount of hair cream on your locks to make it sleek and easy for styling. Comb gently to one side and separate hair into two equal sections leaving a thin strand out. Plait your fishtail braid and tie at the tips with an elastic. Then style the baby fishtail braid on the thin strand. Such a cute hairdo can be combined with multiple braids according to your hair type and thickness.

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