5 Latest Street Looks: Trendy Hairstyles

While runway looks inspire us to keep hair sleek and luscious, street style has taken a different approach preferring choppy, short, wavy, loose and other casual hairstyles some of which you are going to see below. These are mainly retro or boho styled hairdos and haircuts that have the desired feminine elegance in them. One of these street looks and trendy hairstyles for 2016/2017 could become your ultimate hair inspo. So, open eyes wider and get ready for a brand new style.street hairstyles 2017Boho Chic Ombre Waves

Lately bohemian wavy hairstyles are combined with ombre shades. Women opt for this combination as bohemian style is all about brown and yellowish shades which work well with the classic brown to blonde ombre hair colors. Therefore your long ombre hair gives you are great opportunity to rock a perfect boho chic. Try it once and you’ll fall in love with this style forever. It has a kind of mysterious attraction that calls you back when you want to change your look.boho chic street look ombre waves 2017Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie is the biggest hair trend on the street. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for women who seek for more attention. However not everyone is familiar with the latest trendy looks. Here is a great example for you. It’s a soft, light blonde and wavy pixie hairstyle paired with casual outfits. In order to style it right you need to opt for the trendy side swept effect and retro inspired waves.

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