Latest Casual Hairstyles for 2017

When we want to see the trendiest hairstyles we commonly look through the recent experiments with celeb’s hair. We gather the latest celebrity hairstyles for 2017 in one place to make your research easier and quicker. Celebrity hairstyles are a source of inspiration for many females. Long braids, exquisite twists, amazing curls and ethereal waves make you fall in love at the first sight. Celebrities’ short haircuts look pretty sharp and temp you to chop off your strands. View celebs’ hairstyles and haircuts for inspiration!

5 Latest Street Looks: Trendy Hairstyles

While runway looks inspire us to keep hair sleek and luscious, street style has taken a different approach preferring choppy, short, wavy, loose and other casual hairstyles some of which you are going to see below. These are mainly retro or boho styled hairdos and haircuts that have the desired feminine elegance in them. One of these street looks and trendy hairstyles for 2016/2017 could become your ultimate hair inspo. So, open eyes wider and get ready for a brand new style.street hairstyles 2017Boho Chic Ombre Waves

Lately bohemian wavy hairstyles are combined with ombre shades. Women opt for this combination as bohemian style is all about brown and yellowish shades which work well with the classic brown to blonde ombre hair colors. Therefore your long ombre hair gives you are great opportunity to rock a perfect boho chic. Try it once and you’ll fall in love with this style forever. It has a kind of mysterious attraction that calls you back when you want to change your look.

Cool Center Part Hairstyle Ideas

The fabulous center part hairstyles are again back with more modern touches and solutions. Though side parts may look more charming and attractive but there is something very elegant and well-balanced in center parted hairdos. You can wear center parted styles both on short and long haircuts as well as with downdo and updo hairstyles. These hairstyles provide with neater and cleaner look and tend to add a classic effect to your whole appearance. If you want to know the right styling techniques of center part hairstyles then keep on parted hairstyles 2017Long Straight Center Part Hairstyle

It’s more than obvious that long, sleek and straight hair looks astounding in a center parted style. This combination provides you with a super classic look and displays your elegance. You can easily bring out the incredible shine of your hair due to this hairdo.

Effortless Hairstyle Ideas for the Beach

The so wanted beach season is already open and all we want is a fancy style to display. The ultimate summer hair style should be pretty yet effortless. So, you need some hairstyles inspiration for the beach in order to pull off modern summer hairdos which are both beautiful and easy to do. Girls who care of their hairstyles at the beach tend to grab much attention and seem to be more fashionable. It’s important to have your own style even on the beach.beach hairstyles 2017Messy High Bun Hairstyle

Who says you need to have super long hair to style a high bun hairdo? Sometimes messy styles allows us to play with our hair length. We can get stunning high messy buns on medium and even layered hair if we use the right styling techniques and tools. Take a handful of bobby pins or an elastic and gathering all your hair on the top create a cute and sassy messy bun to feel comfortable on the beach. This hairdo also helps you to bring out your facial features.

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Do you still wear the same haircut you used to wear in your 20’s? it’s the high time to think of something new that flatters your face shape and goes well with your age. Something, that can highlight your femininity and will make you look younger. Below you can find hairstyle ideas for women over 40 among which you can pick the one that meets your preferences and interests. Go for the hairstyle that makes you look fresher. If you are unsure about the most suitable haircut for your face shape, you can consult with your stylist.hairstyles for women over 40 2017Long Bob Hairstyle

Sometimes women over 40 seek for hairstyles, which are fuss-free. In this case on of the best haircuts is the long bob also called lob. It’s a mid-length haircut with many possible styling solutions. You can do lots of things with this haircut. The first most common style is the straight and simple. Other hairstyles are wavy and curly. The best thing about this haircut is that its length allows you to go for various updo hairstyles without much effort.

Casual Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Do you love rocking various braided hairstyles on casual days? Well, there are “lazy” days when you wake up and all you need is a simple and cozy braided hairdo for the whole day. Women like to be pretty even at home or just on casual days when they are supposed to do less than usually. The same refers to hairstyles. It’s not always necessary to spend an hour or even more in front of the mirror to look so gorgeous. An easy to do and trendy braided hairstyle can be enough for your entire posh look. So, I offer to use the following casual braided hairstyles as often as possible this year.braided hairstyles 2017Multiple Fishtail Braids

In many cases, a single fishtail braid is not enough to draw attention, while multiple fishtails look really interesting. This side pulled long hairstyle is a pretty one achieved by two various fishtail braiding styles. The top part reminds us of the cool Dutch crown braids and the tips are messier and looser. The combo is quite natural and harmonious. As for the long bangs, they just highlight the simple nature of the hairdo.

10-Minute Office-Ready Hairstyles

Office is the place where you spend most of the time of your day. In spite of the fact that it’s your everyday workplace you do your best to look quite elegant and classy. Some of you may even have special dress codes which call special hairstyles. I hope that the following easy to do office-ready hairstyles are going to help you find out the best style for your perfectly classy look. Even if you wear casually, your hairstyle should be convenient and neat.hairstyles for office 2017Medium Straight Hairstyle

The first style that you can opt for as a new and fresh office look is the medium straight haircut. This is for women who love downdo hairstyles and want to keep their locks healthy and shiny. Straight side parted, center-partied or sleek hairstyles are always classic and feminine. They are great in mid-lengths and tend to keep your style as neat as possible. You can get such shiny and fresh hairstyles with the help of hair protective creams and flat iron.

Fancy Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

If you have long, healthy and luscious mane then you are in the right place to discover the latest fancy hairstyles for long hair. There is no need to mention that long hair gives us millions of hair styling ideas. Everyone is admired by the beauty of long hairstyles and women with long locks are considered to be the most feminine and exquisite types. However, there may be a kind of lack of attention when you leave your locks carefree and not so shiny. So, be inspired by the best hair styling solutions in order to beautify your mane.hairstyles for long hair 2016Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

When it comes to festive or prom hairstyles the first thing that comes to your mind is curling. Why? Because curly hair always grabs attention and highlights your girlish nature. There are zillions of ways to get hair curled but the trendiest ideas are broken curls, loose waves, natural-looking beach waves with the cute boho touch in them and bombshell curls. According to your current haircut and hair type, you can choose one of these styles to switch up your look and to be the queen of the day.