Latest Hair Colors for 2017

Not all women are happy with their natural hair color. In this case the first thing that comes to mind is trying a new hair color. In this category you will find hair colors for 2017– from solid shades to bold pastels. Every hair color included here is unique be that soft balayage, ombre blends in natural hues of blondes, grey, red burgundy, auburn shades, neon or pastel hair dyes. It is the highest moment to try the color you have always dreamt of.

Hair Trends That We Will Not See in 2018

Women are always interested to know what is trendy, but they have never tried to know what is not trend anymore. We have put together some hair trends that are not trendy anymore. It means you will need to say goodbye to what you are going to see below. Popular hairstylist have better solutions. Just go on reading and be a step forward from others. Pastel Hair and dip Dyed Tips

Dip-dye is like washing your hair tips with vibrant colors. It offers lower maintenance color idea. But recently we have noticed that the temporary hair dyes provide with more interesting coloristic solution. So why we want to see it again? Once your dip-dyed tip get faded, it loses its impressiveness. Prepare yourself for vibrant shades from root to ends. If, right now you have dip-dyed hair, just consider updating it.

2018 Hair Color Trends

Want to see a new version of yourself? Start from your hair. It will radically change your appearance. 2018 hair color trends are all over the color spectrum. It means you have countless striking ways to express yourself. Various blonde, brunette, red and pin shades are leading hair salons. Now say goodbye to your current hair color and prepare yourself for a new look with a brand-new shade. Scroll down to see 2018 hair color trends. trendy hair colorContrasting Roots 

If you are looking for a maintenance free way to become a blonde, consider keeping your roots natural. You don’t have to think about grown out roots. The contrasting shades provide with a fabulous appearance. This carefree style has become popular even among celebrities. Selena Gomez is the most popular bearer of the shade so take cue from her gorgeous style. 

New Teal Hair Colors to Rock in 2018

Bright hair colors are having a moment right now. And it seems everywhere we turn the locks get lighter and brighter. From bold pastel to multi-tone rainbow shades have become females favorite hair color options. Today we have focused on teal hair colors for 2018. If you are also a fan of rainbows and pastels, you will love the sub-tones of teal. However, this hue looks great both as a solo shade and paired with other tones (bold or solid). Two -Toned Teal Hair Color 

I have already mentioned that teal looks great when paired with other shades as well. And here comes the best proof of my words. The teal has been paired with purple to create a top notch hair color. Ask your hair colorist to keep these tones together by weaving them through a right technique. These highlights complement both light and dark complexion. 

Cute Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

Chocolate brown hair color is somewhere in between brown and brunette hair. Females love this color because it gives them a chance to rock both shades at the same time. Yummy chocolate brown hue includes countless sub-tones that can be matched with an array of skin tones. There is a shade for everyone! We have gathered some cute chocolate brown hair colors, so scroll down the bottom and pick your favorite one.chocolate brown hair colorChocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown tones have always been in. They are great for any skin tone and eye color. Chocolate hair color is the greatest base for various hairstyles including braids. This crown braid is just the best example. It is loose and goes all the way around the head. All you need to do is to create a side braid and pin it on the back of the head. It is an easy style if you have minimal braiding skills.

Natural-Looking Hair Colors by Celebs

We have done our own research to find the hottest hair color trends. Who could be more inspiring for us more than celebrities. Any hair color or haircut debuted by celebrities becomes a hot trend. Today we have rounded up with some of our favorite celebrities with natural-looking hair colors. If you have an intention to change up something in your style, draw your inspiration from these gorgeous celebrities and create your own version of the shade. However, before committing you may talk with your hair colorist.natural looking hair colorsBeige Blonde Hair Color

Those with blonde hair color should consider of adding some beige streaks throughout their locks. It is the easiest way to get a chic hair look. Beige blonde highlights tend to provide even more natural looking appearance. However, you don’t have to go for a big commitment to achieve a shade like this. The best thing is that it doesn’t require bleaching so, no damage to strands.

Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Whether you are looking for a color to cover your grey hair or you just want to update your already existing hair shade, these medium brown hair color ideas for 2017 may be what you are searching for. Medium brown consists of numerous shades that is possible to combine with other hues for a better effect. Medium brown hair color allows you to go darker or lighter using highlights. When it comes to brunette ombres, they work with any hair length and skin tone. Medium brown hair color is always a good solution when you want to spice up your look while maintaining natural.Medium Brown Hair Color for 2017Creamy Medium Brown Hair Color

To achieve this lovely creamy hue the hair colorist used a few different shades of brown. The look entails crating subtle brown roots that blend into a milky brown shade. You may incorporate some caramel streaks as well. It is a perfect solution for women who are not fond of having too much contrast in their style. The seamlessly blended shades provide with subtle ombre pattern.

Huge Hair Color Trends of 2017

With upcoming seasons we have to change up our hair. A new haircut is a good option but a fresh color is even better. Whether the season is all about too bright or solid dark shades, consider wearing a color that makes you feel confident. Embrace the spirit of the changing seasons by spicing up your strands. Thanks to recent coloring techniques, there are so many new trends to try. The best thing about these latest techniques is that they work for all types of shades- be that a rainbow or deep brunette shade. Check out these huge hair color trends for 2017.Huge Hair Color Trends of 2017Lived-In Hair Color

Those, who don’t want to spend lots of time and money on regular touchups, but still want to have a chic and fresh hair color, should consider shades achieved through lived-in technique. It is a special technique developed by Ramirez. He explains that you have to bleach your hair and take your time to create a fake root. Then you will have to blend colors next to each other to achieve a lived-in color look.

2017 Instagram Blue Hair Color Trends You Need to See

You are lack of inspiration? Consider Instagram! Beauty bloggers demonstrate new hair colors and outfits every day. They are so popular that everyone wants to copy them. Meanwhile we have selected some Instagram blue hair color trends for 2017 that you should definitely see. Regardless of whether you prefer to go for badass denim or subtle blue hair highlights, here you will find the hottest ideas for the upcoming season. If you are ready to take the plunge and pull off the craziest hues, let’s start!2017 Instagram Blue Hair Color Trends Deep Grey-Blue Hair Color

This lovely grayish blue is an excellent way to experiment with rainbow hair trend. Note that the blue tone dominants but because of the color depth it doesn’t feel over the top. Gray and blue shades make a perfect combination for those who want to pull off a darker spectrum of vibrant shades. A simple choppy lob haircut is more than enough to demonstrate this color combo.

Breathtaking Auburn Hair Colors for 2017

Cant decided between red and brown tones? Sport something in between these two hues. We are talking about auburn hair colors for 2017 that are simply ravishing. Here we have compiled some gorgeous ideas for auburn hair colors that can be used to introduce some life to your boring brown hair color. However it is still has lots of sub tones that will make you rethink before wearing any shade of auburn. The thing to know about this tone is that is low-maintenance.Breathtaking Auburn Hair Colors for 2017Auburn Ombre Hair Color

You don’t have to go for full commitment when you can easily rock the ombre version of the color. Here the dark base has been maintained while the rest of the locks were colored in deep auburn. This option doesn’t require using harsh chemicals as the auburn shade is pretty dark. Note that the dark brown and red-auburn tones have been perfectly blended to create a lovely color melt.

2017 Hair Colors for Black Women

It is always hard to choose a hair color for this or that skin complexion but the fact is that there is a hue for everyone. Today we are going to concentrate on dark skin women who always think that they can wear only certain hair colors. This article is meant to prove that Afro American women can pull off any shade- from solid to bright pastels. The initial part of it is to choose a right tone as you know that every color has various sub-tones that may flatter your complexion. Here are 2017 hair colors for black women ranging from dark shades to ultra light tints.  2017 Hair Colors for Black WomenRed Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Red is a versatile hue, so you should be attentive while choosing an appropriate shade for your skin tone. Moreover auburn reds and cherry red will definitely bring out the beauty of your complexion and eye color. Anything in between these hues will compliment your skin tone while making it stunning. However you will need to go for pre-lightning sessions if you want to have it as an all over color. But in case if you are looking for a low-maintenance style go for red highlights.