Celebrity Bang Hairstyle Ideas

Different types of bangs are trendy in 2017 that’s why celebrities ask their stylist for new and more fashionable fringe haircuts. It’s a good way to change the entire look and facial expression keeping the rest of your hair in its same length. Since fringe makes a huge comeback we will represent the latest bang hairstyles from celebrities.bang hairstyles 2017Rachel McAdams Center Parted Bangs

The first style that you can use in 2017 is the center parted bang from Rachel McAdams. This cute celebrity knows how to embrace her look and make it younger. If you feel as if your hair looks thin or dull then beautify it with long face framing bangs. Then style into flipped, wavy or straight styles. Those with dark roots will beautifully bring its charm out.Rachel McAdams center parted bangs 2017Kylie Jenner Short Bangs

Faux yet attractive can be Kylie Jenner’s glamorous bang hairstyles. They are short, straight, wet-look and jet black. The combination looks very seductive due to her lovely makeup and shiny eyes. This shade goes well with her complexion and frames her face with a cool contrast of hues.

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