Celebrity Pixie Haircut Inspiration

From the craziest short haircuts to the most classic and glamorous pixies there are stunning hairstyles worn by iconic celebrities who inspire women all over the world. These singers, Hollywood actors and reality TV stars offer us the latest and the most fashionable hairstyle and haircut ideas some of which are represented below. Today we are going to be admired by the best celebrity pixie haircuts that you can consider for 2016/2017.pixie haircuts 2017Lily Collins Side Swept Pixie Haircut

Special for thin and straight-haired women I start with Lily Collins’s lovely side swept pixie haircut. As you see, it is an elegant and a bit shaggy hairstyle that makes her hair more voluminous and fuller looking. Due to the side swept style, this pixie looks very feminine and subtle. You can rock it even on your natural hair color and enjoy your own girlish attractiveness. Also, pay attention to your face shape and if it looks like Lily’s cute facial structure then go ahead with this very haircut.LILY COLLINS pixie hair 2017Ruby Rose Pixie Haircut

Having naturally brunette hair, Ruby has gone for whitish silver when she cut her hair off into a short pixie haircut. Actually, people remember her just in this style and it suits her very much. She often updates it with new cuts and hairstyles, but mostly we see her in straight, sleek, Mohawk or spiky pixie hairstyles. Sometimes she even opt for hard parts to get that amazing boyish touch in her look. Whatever she does she look so hot and unique in her short haircut.RUBY ROSE pixie hair 2017Kate Mara Pixie Hairstyle

One of the most elegant pixie-haired celebrities is considered Kate Mara. Her straight, slightly side swept pixie cut with those soft and subtle bangs make her look younger and more eye-catching. She styles it into simple straight, wet-look and side parted, slicked back and other trendy hairstyles. Her stylist has provided her with the right structure of a pixie haircut matching it with piece-y bangs. They soften the overall harshness of the haircut and make it rather exquisite.KATE MARA pixie haircut 2017Charlize Theron Pixie Haircut

Charlize Theron is one of my favorite pixie-haired beauties all over the world. She knows which haircut to choose for her killer facial features. While long hair was hiding her charming face shape, the short and cute pixie highlights her real beauty. It goes without saying that the chosen blonde shades tend to soften her short haircut making it so feminine.CHARLIZE THERON pixie cut 2017Maria Borges Pixie Haircut

The huge experiment that the stunning model Maria Borges underwent amused everyone in the fashion world. Her short clipped pixie haircut is the best example for Afro-American women who are tired of their messy, frizzy and thick natural hair. This haircut allows you to breathe freely and to show off the prettiness of your face.MARIA BORGES pixie hair 2017

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