Kylie Jenner’s Hair Colors for 2017

Kylie Jenner is famous for her “Kylie kit” line but her colorful hair changes are the most important thing that made us include her into our list. She is the queen of rocking various hair colors. We have seen her literally on every shade of rainbow but she looks gorgeous on solid hair colors as well. Sometimes it is even hard to guess whether she is wearing a wig or it is her real hair color. Once Kylie Jenner said “Constantly changing up my style makes me feel creative and it helps me with my confidence”. Well, dear Kylie, we are only happy to see you changing up your styles so often. Here I have selected only the most prominent hair colors of Kylie Jenner for 2017.Kylie Jenner Hair Colors for 2017Kylie Jenner Blue Hair

This is one of the most signature hair colors of Kylie that has become an inspiration for her fans. She has paired her marvel blue hair with red t-shirt to make it even more eye-catching. As I have already mentioned Kylie is pro in using hair wigs so we will never guess whether this vibrant blue hair color is a wig or her real hair color. Anyway it looks super adorable!Kylie Jenner Blue HairKylie Jenner Midnight Blue

Here is another navy blue hair color that looks no less interesting than the previous one. We wish the look wasn’t temporary since it really suits her a lot. She didn’t do much to create a headdress like this. As soon as you achieve the color you will need to keep your strands super straight to show off the beauty of the shade. Note that it looks exceptionally gorgeous son longer strands.Kylie Jenner Midnight BlueKylie Jenner Rose Gold Hair

This is one of the latest hair colors of Kylie Jenner that was all over Instagram. Most of her fans loved to see her rocking rose gold hair. This shade brightens up her look and makes her complexion pop up. The color is worn on medium-length hair that is styled in a carefree design to give it a flattering vibe. Kylie Jenner’s rose gold hair will remain in our memories forever.Kylie Jenner Rose Gold HairKylie Jenner Emerald Green Hair

What about this emerald green hair? He has pulled it off for the launch of her lip kit. She stepped out in an all-white ensemble and shocking green tresses. She really knows how to impress her fans. In case if you love this color you may use temporary hair colors to achieve it or you can opt for a wig, just to make sure that the color works for you.Kylie Jenner Emerald Green HairKylie Jenner Honey Blonde with Reveled Roots

Well, next color is honey blonde with reveled roots. This option is still very trendy since most of modern hairdos are being paired with darker roots. So, Kylie has already managed to experiment with this trend now it is your turn. You may pick up your favorite pastel or solid shade and rock it with grown out roots.  Kylie Jenner Honey Blonde with Reveled Roots

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