Latest Celebrity Street Looks and Hairstyles

Paparazzi is always there for us to take the latest looks of the famous celebrities whose lifestyle and everyday step interest the public. These women never step out the house without pulling off those particular outfits, accessories and hairstyles which soon become the biggest trends. They sparkle with their ethereal beauty even on the streets. Here collected celebrity looks and their latest hairstyles are going to prove that there are stunning ladies who always care about their glamorous look no matter what and where. Copy some of their styles to stand out in the crowd.hairstyles 2017 celebrity looksRachel Zoe Beach Waves Hairstyle

Look at this picture of Rachel Zoe. Here she is in her most feminine look with that subtle long boho inspired light dress, comfy bag and shoes and of course beach waves hairstyle which ideally goes with her entire look and blonde hair color. If you make a quick search in on the fashion guru today, you’ll notice that Rachel Zoe’s signature casual look is on the runways as the ultimate trend for 2017. She has created a harmonious boho chic along with that loose beachy wavy hairstyle.Rachel Zoe beach waves hair 2017Reese Witherspoon Layered Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon is known with her love of coordinating her outfits. This stylish blonde-haired woman likes to rock the street with her super elegant and classic styles combined with soft and layered haircuts. Her light blonde hair color is just incredible in this subtle straight, middle-part hairstyle which allows her to frame her cute face with well-balanced layers.

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