Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for Cool girls

In modern times bandanas can be used as headbands or cute accessories in sexy pinup updos. Bandanas are good solution when you want to upgrade your look and create a new headdress without much effort. Bandana hairstyles are really versatile and there are options available of all ladies out there. This cute accessory works really great with different styles and hair lengths. With a simple detail such as bandana, your casual headdress will turn into something sophisticated. Check out these bandana hairstyle ideas for cool girls and get inspired from.    Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for Cool girlsRetro Inspired Bumper Bangs

Retro updos make cute hairstyles with bandanas. Take this picture as an example! You can also create such bumper bangs by parting your fringe from the rest of hair and giving it a smooth touch with hair products and keep it shiny and sleek. Place a hair donut at the tips of your fringe and start rolling it toward you forehead. Use bobby pins to fix it. To finish your look use your favorite bandana.Retro Inspired Bumper BangsBandana Braids

Retro glam isn’t your thing? Well, don’t worry since there are still various options for you. It is not a secret that bandana makes a great headband and you can pair it with braids and all kinds of long hairstyles under the sun. Try to match it with your hair color like this model. Her purple braids get a sophisticated look due to the purple bandana.

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