Cute Braided Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly hair is not a disaster at all. You just need to pick up excellent hairstyles for your texture. And you should know how to emphasize your nature in the best way. Here we have rounded up some cute braided hairstyles for curly hair. You will see that the curls and braids are the best combination ever. In case if you are not good at braiding, watch some tutorials to learn some basic skill. Good luck with your new hairstyle.curly hairstyles with braidsDouble French Braid

If you have no minimal braiding skills even a simple French braid may seem challenging, particularly on curly hair. But whether you believe or no but these three-strand braids are super easy to get. After watching several YouTube tutorials, you will be able to master the look. Since these braids are super easy to achieve we offer you to go for a double version of the braid.Double French BraidDouble Braided Buff

Here is a striking option for ladies with curly hair. Indeed, this style requires some braiding skills, so make sure that you are able to get the look. Two tight side braids are finished with chic bantu knots. It is a fabulous headdress particularly for afro mane. Feel free to pull off this headdress both for casual and formal events. This hairstyle will bring you lots of compliments.Double Braided BuffHalo Braid

When it comes to halo braids, they are always in trend. This type of braid is a result of an inverted Dutch braid wrapped along the hairline. All you need to do is to create a Halo like effect. You still don’t need to create a super polished style. Leave some tendrils out of the braid for an unkempt look like this. It is great casual hairstyle for everyone with medium to long hair.Halo BraidHairline Braided Bun

Want to get a low-key updo style? Create two tight braids and then pull the rest of your strands in a huge bun style. It is a unique way to spice up your updo. It goes without saying that this bun works exceptionally cool on wavy and curly texture. Indeed, all curly-haired women are welcome to try this look. Wear it casually or formally and stand out in the crowd.Hairline Braided BunTriple Layered Updo

If simple hairdos are not for you, go a little far and sport some complicated styles, just like this one. This picturesque updo is a result of multiple twists and braids- twisted and wrapped together. The longer hair the better look. Make sure to create excellent buns. However, it is a more formal rather than casual hairdo.Triple Layered Updo

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