Hairstyle Ideas by Instagram Bloggers

Instagram is full of trendsetters who are representing everything associated with the latest trends. They put all their effort to surprise their followers and also increase their number. It is not surprising at all that some of beauty blogger are popular all over the world. So today I have decided to represent some cool hairstyles by bloggers. If you also want to be as know as they are, you need to play with their own rules, just don’t fear to go for various experiments! Remember if you don’t try you will never know.Best Hairstyle Ideas from InstagramBeautiful Ringlets

One of the best looks that have been spotted on Instagam is signature ringlets on the top of the head. To achieve this style is pretty easy and it is called “pineappling” technique which keeps curls intact while you sleep. Below you can see a beautiful lady from Instagram that has created a big bun with the help of ringlets. With a hairstyle like this, get ready to have many followers.Beautiful RingletsGlitter Roots

Glitter roots are the hottest thing right now! It is always fun to dye your hair with various vibrant colors (silver, blue, rainbow etc.) but when your roots grow out and reveal your true color is not good at all. Well, this new trend comes in handy when you don’t feel like visiting a hair salon. Some are welcoming this glitzy trend while others don’t even care about it. But one thing is certain, glitters are totally in and accessorize any headdress.

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