Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Afro-American women are known for their kinky and thick hair type and sometimes they are having troubles while styling their natural hair. It is either difficult to deal with such hair type or the length is not enough for creating an impressive a hairdo. Sometimes the only solution seems to have a short haircut. Below we have selected some fantastic natural hairstyles for short hair. Well, the options are really versatile- protective updos, twists, Mohawks, finger coils, puffs and etc. The hairdos represented below will definitely inspire you and boost your confidence.Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Short HairNatural Hairstyles with Clipped Sides

A wild curly style is super appealing and will definitely boost any girl’s confidence. So, the short back is paired with a growing hair on the top to create a bang-like effect and add a mystery touch to the look. If you find this style pretty bold, then focus on your makeup. Classic red lipstick would definitely be a great option. With a gorgeous hairdo like this, you will stand out from the crowd.Natural Hairstyles with Clipped SidesNatural Updos

Natural updos can be classy and professional. It is the best moment to play with different hairstyles and embrace your natural texture. It is not a secret that natural curly hair has many possibilities. So simply braid or twist that curls and pull them up in a sophisticated updo design. Pair your updo with a right evening dress and you are ready to rock!Natural UpdoShort Natural Curls

With short natural strands you don’t have to do much to have a gorgeous look. You can easily achieve this particular design with the help of hair products. It is not necessary to use large hair accessories to adorn your short hair, opt for a couple of hair clips that compliment the texture of your hair. They will also add a feminine touch to your strands.Short Natural CurlsBraided Mohawk Style

This particular design involves so many eye-catching elements. These patterns work harmoniously to create a sophisticated and mind-blowing hairdo. The twisted curls are hanging over the head and make a great pair with tightly braided cornrows on the side. The hair gets a faux hawk form that is just incredible. Apart from the cut, two-tone hair color is also worth attention.Braided Mohawk StyleThe Tightest Tiny Curls

The shine of this afro grabs attention. Those, who are looking for volume and body, should consider exactly this design. When you have a wavy natural texture you don’t have to do much to recreate a style like this. Just make sure that you are using right hair products for shine and texture.The Tightest Tiny Curls

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