Top 5 Vintage Curly Hairstyle Ideas

From time to time, we enjoy mixtures of modern and old-fashioned hairstyles. They come up with a variety of options and help us to discover the real secret of a beautiful hairstyle. Everyone knows how charming and glamorous vintage hairstyles are. We have put together our favorite 5 vintage curly hairstyles and we hope you enjoy and try some of these styles in the nearest future. We recommend making your choice between these hairdos for the coming parties and special events as they have the desired modern festive touch in them.vintage curly hairstyles 2017Vintage Curly Bob Hairstyle

Taking into account the fact that bob is a trendy hairstyle many stylists offer to add it the Marilyn Monroe style. This diva is an icon amongst the ages and she inspires many celebrities. If you have a blonde bob haircut then you are welcome to copy Marilyn Monroe’s curly hairstyle to complete your fabulous and sophisticated look. This hairstyle is very luxurious and eye-catching. it is able to make any bob haircut voluminous and prettier.vintage curly bob 2017Vintage Side Pulled Curls

If I start to name all the celebrities who have tried the side pulled vintage curly hairstyle I will provide you with an endless list of names. This has become one of the most popular prom hairstyles among Hollywood stars. During each Red carpet event we meet at least one celebrity in a side pulled curly hairdo. It’s imperfect choice for long hair. If you haven’t felt its charm on your own hair yet, then start today.  You will surely love its elegant and ethereal nature.vintage side parted curls 2017Teased Hairstyle with Big Curls

Teasing hair comes from the 40’s fashion when women used to add volume to their mane with the help of a simple comb. Now you can do the same with your healthy and luscious hair and match it with big curls. Such a seductive hairstyle will keep you in the center of attention and will highlight your long lovely hair. In case you get too tight curls, you can brush them out into loose big waves.teased long big curls 2017Messy Curly Hairstyle

Do you feel the 60’s touch? Well, it’s a natural-looking curly hairstyle special for women who like messy hairstyles. If you have always dreamed of having Afro-American natural hair then go ahead with this vintage inspired curly hairstyle. It is one of the latest curly styles shown at runway weeks. In order to keep it youthful and beautiful you may secure a huge part of your hair on one side with a stylish bobby pin.vintage messy curls runway 2017Vintage Curly Ponytail Hairstyle

Almost all the vintage updo hairstyles are achieved with bouffants. It is the teased part of the hair usually on the top part accompanied with curly tips. This gives you a cool pony hair idea. Just tease the crown part and spray hair spray. Then curl the tips and tie a medium or low ponytail. The result is a festive updo.vintage curly ponytail 2017

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