2017 Instagram Blue Hair Color Trends You Need to See

You are lack of inspiration? Consider Instagram! Beauty bloggers demonstrate new hair colors and outfits every day. They are so popular that everyone wants to copy them. Meanwhile we have selected some Instagram blue hair color trends for 2017 that you should definitely see. Regardless of whether you prefer to go for badass denim or subtle blue hair highlights, here you will find the hottest ideas for the upcoming season. If you are ready to take the plunge and pull off the craziest hues, let’s start!2017 Instagram Blue Hair Color Trends Deep Grey-Blue Hair Color

This lovely grayish blue is an excellent way to experiment with rainbow hair trend. Note that the blue tone dominants but because of the color depth it doesn’t feel over the top. Gray and blue shades make a perfect combination for those who want to pull off a darker spectrum of vibrant shades. A simple choppy lob haircut is more than enough to demonstrate this color combo.Deep Grey-Blue Hair ColorBlue and Purple Streaks

Not ready to go for full commitment? Ask your hair colorist to weave pink and purple streaks through your medium-length hair for a playful, mermaid look. Guy Tang offers this way of experimenting with blue and purple shades. Try it out to achieve a style that sets you apart from the crowd. Regular touch-ups will keep your highlights fresh.

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