2017 Light and Dark Golden Brown Hair Ideas

Golden brown hair has already gain popularity in the world of brunettes. Compared with other brunette tones golden brown is a relatively lighter shade that provides with a bright color without going for blonde hues. It will give your locks incredible dimension and texture. These light and dark tones can be worn all over the head or partly. If you are looking for fresh brown shades to upgrade your dark hair, then have a look at 2017 light and dark golden brown hair ideas.       2017 Light and Dark Golden Brown Hair IdeasGolden Balyage Hair

The balayage technique always provides with an incredible headdress. The color of getting balayage pattern is up to you. In case if you have decided to experiment with brown hair, consider this option. It requires using dark brown hair color and balayage highlights of blonde to add some vibrancy to this style. The tresses are styled into magnificent waves and cut at the bottom to rest below the shoulders.Golden Balyage HairLight Copper Brown Hair

This is an excellent choice for those who don’t have a desire to go for straight copper hue. To achieve this effect you will need to blend light brown tone with copper blonde. The sheen of these tresses is eye-catching and it will make any women feel super feminine and gorgeous. When it comes to styling, you should consider wearing big waves, since they give the strands even more natural appearance.Light Copper Brown HairSoft Golden Color Melt

Perfectly melt colors guarantee a unique and subtle look. If you are more in dark hues, try to wear dark brunette locks with warm balayage highlights of golden brown. It will provide you a super headdress for all the seasons of the year. The strands are given a long bob cut and sport beachy waves. These gorgeous waves spice up the whole look.   Soft Golden Color MeltGolden Sombre

Sombe is the softest version of the ombre and like many other hair coloring techniques this one also provides with a modern look. This woman sports a rich ginger tone on the top which changes dramatically to a copper hue that stretches to the tips. The thin locks are given a sleek look to give some weight to the strands and show of the product produced by sombre.  Golden SombreCool Brown Caramel Highlights

Golden highlights and dark shades of brown create a sumptuous combination. These shades are good almost for all skin tones. However this particular color combo creates a beautiful balayage that gives a unique charm to this bob. It is great for all women who want to keep the balance between warm and cool tones. Brushed out curls will help you to display the colors.Cool Brown Caramel Highlights

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