2018 Hair Color Trends

Want to see a new version of yourself? Start from your hair. It will radically change your appearance. 2018 hair color trends are all over the color spectrum. It means you have countless striking ways to express yourself. Various blonde, brunette, red and pin shades are leading hair salons. Now say goodbye to your current hair color and prepare yourself for a new look with a brand-new shade. Scroll down to see 2018 hair color trends. trendy hair colorContrasting Roots 

If you are looking for a maintenance free way to become a blonde, consider keeping your roots natural. You don’t have to think about grown out roots. The contrasting shades provide with a fabulous appearance. This carefree style has become popular even among celebrities. Selena Gomez is the most popular bearer of the shade so take cue from her gorgeous style. Cream Soda Hair Color 

The color gets this name because of golden highlights. The tones are applied on a beige brown base. The highlights provide with a sun-kissed effect. Note that this shade is neither too light nor too dark. It is a great color to wear in the upcoming season. If you don’t have light hair, you will need to bleach your locks, otherwise don’t wait to get the same look. Nude Hair Color

Nude hair color is made of both warm and cool tones. You should ask your hair colorist to customize tone to your own complexion. Everyone has her own version of a nude hair color.

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