2018 Hair Color Trends

Nude is an incredible natural-looking shade that is easy to wear. This color is flattering on various skin tones. If you are thinking of changes, consider this perfect neutral shade for  yourself. Washed-Out Pink Hair Color

Washed out hair colors are in mainstream and this trend doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. It is a great idea for those who want to try something vibrant but not ready to commit. With a right technique the color will have a natural look. Apart from it, washed out hair colors are easier to maintain. This faded-pink is something you need to give a try as soon as possible. Natural Grey Hair Color 

Natural looking grey hair color is not only for old women any more. Everyone can experiment with the shade- from young to old but it is crucial to choose the right tone in order not to look too old. However, this smokey grey or almost white blonde bounds to steal the spotlight. Make sure to use purple shampoo and conditioners to bring out the best of the color. 

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