Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Blonde balayage is an excellent choice for any woman who wants to give her locks a natural-looking appearance. The best thing about balayage technique is that you can always have an eye-catching appearance by combining incredible shades of blonde and brown. You can even use this freehand painting technique to achieve a head-turner sombre pattern. However you have to choose a right color combination to get your “so much” desired headdress. Well if you need some ideas, have a look at these balayage hair color ideas for 2017.Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas for 2017Blonde Balayage Hair

When it comes to balayage, the size of your strands doesn’t really matter. Have a look at these shoulder-gazing strands, they look just adorable. They have an amazing coloring with a smooth transition from the light brown base to a lovely blonde hair. Even brunettes can experiment with this blonde balayage ombre since it uses darker roots.Blonde Balayage Hair Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre

Choosing a right shade for balayage is crucial, since it is what will make your balayage charming and chic. The tones in this particular style are just perfect and they are also in a lovely ombre pattern. This particular style involves transitioning from dark chocolate brown hue to light golden blonde strands. If you have darker base then it is a way to go with.Chocolate Brown to Blonde OmbreBeige Blonde Hue

Blonde balayage works with all hair lengths and here is a modern beige blonde balayage for short bob haircut. As you can see, it is not necessary to have long mane to sport blonde balayage hair since it looks cool even on ultra-shirt tresses. Apart from balayage, the model wears a short bob cut that is textured and messed up to take the look to a whole new level.Beige Blonde HueCreamy Blonde Balayage Hair

This incredible looks come from hand painting creamy blonde hue on medium-length strands. It is an excellent option for brunettes who want to experiment with blonde shades as well. These strands also have a layered cut that makes the styling super easy and effortless. To finish the overall style you just need to create some incredible beach waves that bring out the beauty of color contrast.Creamy Blonde Balayage HairWarm Blonde Tones

If you are fond of warm hair colors, you will love the style represented below. This warm strawberry shade will boost your confidence and make you feel great. When it comes to styling, you don’t have to put lots of effort since all you need to do is to give your tresses a wavy effect. A blonde hue like this will provide you with a sweet look in any season of the year.Warm Blonde Tones

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