Blonde Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

50 shades of blonde or even more? There are millions of seductive and feminine blonde hair colors to use in 2017 but we are here to discover the most fashionable and amazing hues which capture so many male hearts. Women always do their best to highlight their beauty. When it comes to hair colors, we really have fun. Blonde-haired women easily change their color into brownish hues and brunette ladies opt for glossy blonde hair colors. Be the first among your friends to find the latest blonde shade for 2017.blonde hair colors 2017Glossy Golden Blonde Hair Color

The shiniest and the most eye-catching blonde hair color for the moment is the glossy golden shade. This warm, sun-kissed and attractive hair color tends to make your locks more sparkling and healthy-looking. It compliments light to medium skin tones and goes well with light eyes.Golden Blonde Hair Color 2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color

If you have always wondered which is the lightest blonde hair color that looks both stylish and fresh, then I am here to tell you that it’s the lovely platinum blonde. It is also called white blonde because of the lightness and ethereal effect. However platinum blonde requires deep bleaching and special care. It is great for natural blondes and looks natural with light complexions. If you have dark skin tone and want to go for platinum blonde then make sure, your haircut is short and trendy.

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