Breathtaking Auburn Hair Colors for 2017

Cant decided between red and brown tones? Sport something in between these two hues. We are talking about auburn hair colors for 2017 that are simply ravishing. Here we have compiled some gorgeous ideas for auburn hair colors that can be used to introduce some life to your boring brown hair color. However it is still has lots of sub tones that will make you rethink before wearing any shade of auburn. The thing to know about this tone is that is low-maintenance.Breathtaking Auburn Hair Colors for 2017Auburn Ombre Hair Color

You don’t have to go for full commitment when you can easily rock the ombre version of the color. Here the dark base has been maintained while the rest of the locks were colored in deep auburn. This option doesn’t require using harsh chemicals as the auburn shade is pretty dark. Note that the dark brown and red-auburn tones have been perfectly blended to create a lovely color melt.Auburn Ombre Hair ColorCherry Cola Auburn Hair Color

This color is called Cherry Cola as it looks as delicious as Coca Cola. A glass of this color will refresh your existing hair shade making it more dimensional. It is a rich tone that will definitely put a spotlight on your stunning strands wherever you go. The color looks exceptionally gorgeous on medium-length wavy hair. Don’t miss your chance to rock it!

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