Brown Hair Colors and Hairstyles

When we speak about hair colors we like to math them with the most flattering haircuts and hairstyles. This is quite important especially when you think of a huge change. Brown has many delightful shades that go well with particular hairstyles. This time we will not only offer stunning brown hair colors but also brown hairstyle ideas. Thus, in case you look for a matching hair color for your haircut or just need a new cut for your brown hair, you are welcome in the mysterious world of brunette hair.brown hair color and hairstyles 2016 2017Reddish Brown Pixie Hairstyle

Whether you are big fun of short or long hair reddish brown is always there for you. If you have gone for a pixie haircut and feel as if it is boyish and harsh, then you surely need a fresh and feminine hair color. Reddish brown is a great choice for you. It can soften your haircut, make it unique and draw attention. You will stand out in the crowd with your brand new pixie hairstyle. Luckily reddish brown goes well with many skin tones and since it has both dark and light hues, you can opt for the flattering shade for you complexion.reddish brown pixie haircut 2016Dark Brown Bob Hairstyle

A bit long and bit classier is the bob hairstyle in its stunning straight, sleek and shiny effects. This haircut is often combined with blunt bangs, which provide with the desired Cleopatra look. If you avoid too dark shades or jet-black hair color and seek for a richer hue for you bob haircut, here is the lovely and glossy dark brown hair color. It’s a cute chocolate brown that works well with dark and olive skin tones and compliments dark eyes. It can easily display light complexions and light eyes.

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