Catwalk Inspired Hair Color Trends for 2017

The past year was all about ombre and two-tone hair colors. Now that the coming trendy season is almost upon us, we couldn’t help wondering; which are the latest hair color trends for 2017. In order to find out the best shades for the coming year we have turned to the most recent runway looks and hair colors. Here we have found out that the most popular shades are in monotone and shiny effects. Let’s be admired by some of them.runway hair colors 2017Golden Brown Hair Color

According to one of the most professional hair colorists Johnny Ramirez, brown shades have become quite required these days among models and talented designers who choose hair colors for their stunning models. The prettiest brown shade, however is the light golden brown at the moment. It is a great hair color for brunettes who want to lighten up their locks and extra-shine. Light golden brown is also great for dirty-blonde hair, which is already dull and faded.golden brown hair color 2017Russet Hair Color

One of the reddish brown hair colors is the popular russet hair color. It is a warm and hot hair color for various complexions but best goes with light to medium skin tones. Ramirez claims that russet has the desired natural touch in it and unlike copper hues, it looks softer and subtler. This hair color can be worn on brunet hair and can be paired with light eyes. Such a fresh and lovely shade will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

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