Chocolate Mauve Hair Colors for 2017

Chocolate mauve is a new great trend for the upcoming season. This color requires mixing several shades to create a warm and beautiful look that is strong yet soft. The best thing about this color is that it provides an excellent natural-looking hairstyle even though it involves some unnatural shades. Chocolate mauve color lasts long because it is designed to allow for the roots to grow in dark. You don’t have to worry about grown out roots anymore and attend regular touchups. There are various ways to do mauve and the gallery represented below will give you a basic idea of chocolate mauve hair color for 2017.  Chocolate Mauve Hair Colors for 2017Chocolate Mauve Hair

This headdress requires using the balayage technique to achieve an excellent chocolate mauve design. It involves combining pink, purple and caramel hues over the brown to get a hairdo like this one. However the color effect is fantastic and it doesn’t require a complicated styling to achieve a soft and feminine look. Just give some incredible waves to your strands and your trendy hair design is ready to impress people.Chocolate Mauve HairDark Chocolate Mauve Hair

Most of females will fall in love with this dark chocolate mauve hair. The colors have been perfectly blended into each other to provide with a super natural-looking hairstyle. It is a fantastic option when you want to add some depth and dimension throughout your strands. Some gorgeous waves will definitely come in handy when you want to show off the shades.

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