Copper Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Copper is a ridiculously gorgeous shade that is involved in the family of red hues. It is also known as ronze hair that is one of the most common red hair colors of the season. There are various shades of copper hair-from strawberry to ginger. Well, some people are really blessed with a natural copper or auburn hair color but those who are not, also may go red. In modern world there is nothing impossible. Copper hair can enhance your overall look when it is done properly. When it comes to choosing a right copper shade for your skin tone you should consider your undertones. This hue is flattering on women with rose or pinky undertones. Those with warm undertones should go for warm copper colors. By the way check out these copper hair colors for 2017 and you will definitely know how to it.Copper Hair Color Ideas for 2017Chic Copper Ombre

Extra long strands make an excellent canvas for various hues. Use your creativity to introduce several shades of copper to your hair to create this amazing look. The roots have a rich copper color that gets lighter towards the tips of the strands. Don’t even try to go for exaggerated hairstyles since even simple designs will bring out the beauty of the colors.Chic Copper OmbreChocolate and Copper Hair

If you want to have more than one color in your strands, you should be extra careful while choosing the shades. It is important to pick up hues that really work well together. The combination of brown and copper shades is simple irresistible. These worm shades are flattering for lots of people. However the transition of the shades looks pretty natural.Chocolate and Copper HairRed Colored Copper Hair

The copper has a warm hint of red and this color treatment makes it much more obvious. The red used is pretty warm and it looks really cool on copper hair. With a rich color like this you will definitely steal the spotlight. If that’s what you want, then don’t hesitate to opt for this style. Finish the look by making your strands stick straight.Red Colored Copper HairDark Red to Bright Copper Hair

This option allows you to show off your dark side by keeping the roots natural. Well, due to the right coloring technique, the locks appear shinier. The overall look is just amazing without being overdone, since the colors are more than enough to create a chic and magnificent style. Anyway this one is also a great idea.Dark Red to Bright Copper HairSandy Brown and Copper Hair

The colors on this bob make it lighter and cooler. Your bob haircut will never seem boring with warm colors like these. Bob haircuts work really well with ombre patterns so this one is not an exception too. It proves that you don’t have to have long strands to rock the most flattering ombre hair.Sandy Brown and Copper Hair

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