Hair Stenciling: New Hair Coloring Art

Lately we see such creative hair coloring ideas in the fashion world, which allow us to say that hair coloring has become a branch of art. Now we are not surprised of the innovative hair tattoos and that astounding idea of embellishing hair with colorful tints. We just follow the latest solutions and try to acknowledge which is winner rainbow, pastel, pixel, sand art, opal or the most recent hair stenciling trend for 2017?2017 Hair Stenciling trendAmong so many unique hair coloring ideas hair stenciling has its special place. It differs from the rest of hair colors with its flashiness and ability to embellish hair with cute trims, images and patterns. It’s the next level of hair tattoos including all the shades of the rich hair color palette. With the help of hair stenciling you get original hairstyles which make you stand out in the crowd.

Hair Stenciling trend for 2017

Hair Stenciling trend for 2017

How to Get

Due to the professionalism of experienced and skillful hairstylists, hair colorists and designers today, we have a hair coloring idea special for women who seek for more attention. The technique is borrowed from the world of interior. All the possible designs and patterns created on paper and furniture, now take place on hair. These decorative ideas sometimes require the imagination of the stylist as well as the original fantasy of the wearer.

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