Huge Hair Color Trends of 2017

With upcoming seasons we have to change up our hair. A new haircut is a good option but a fresh color is even better. Whether the season is all about too bright or solid dark shades, consider wearing a color that makes you feel confident. Embrace the spirit of the changing seasons by spicing up your strands. Thanks to recent coloring techniques, there are so many new trends to try. The best thing about these latest techniques is that they work for all types of shades- be that a rainbow or deep brunette shade. Check out these huge hair color trends for 2017.Huge Hair Color Trends of 2017Lived-In Hair Color

Those, who don’t want to spend lots of time and money on regular touchups, but still want to have a chic and fresh hair color, should consider shades achieved through lived-in technique. It is a special technique developed by Ramirez. He explains that you have to bleach your hair and take your time to create a fake root. Then you will have to blend colors next to each other to achieve a lived-in color look.Lived In Hair ColorSaturn Hair Color

What about this avant-garde cousin of ombre? The trend is all about a lighter hue that encompasses the center of the hair. Undoubtedly it is an unconventional way of playing up with colors. The stylist can go bold or keep it subtle. In this case we have chosen a little bit striking option. It requires using two tones lighter than you base shade to give a little feature to straight hair. Now you can try something different.

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