Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Whether you are looking for a color to cover your grey hair or you just want to update your already existing hair shade, these medium brown hair color ideas for 2017 may be what you are searching for. Medium brown consists of numerous shades that is possible to combine with other hues for a better effect. Medium brown hair color allows you to go darker or lighter using highlights. When it comes to brunette ombres, they work with any hair length and skin tone. Medium brown hair color is always a good solution when you want to spice up your look while maintaining natural.Medium Brown Hair Color for 2017Creamy Medium Brown Hair Color

To achieve this lovely creamy hue the hair colorist used a few different shades of brown. The look entails crating subtle brown roots that blend into a milky brown shade. You may incorporate some caramel streaks as well. It is a perfect solution for women who are not fond of having too much contrast in their style. The seamlessly blended shades provide with subtle ombre pattern.Creamy Medium Brown Hair ColorToffee and Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Medium brown is an excellent shade to consider, particularly for those who have creamy skin complexion. These long tresses look quite sleek and natural with a lovely color combination of toffee and chestnut brown. However, regardless of your skin tone you can always experiment with this shade. Give your locks some beach waves to bring out your texture and color combo.Toffee and Chestnut Brown Hair ColorDark Roots and Hazelnut Highlights

Looking for a different shade to update your hair color? Why not, adopt this model’s hair hue. It comes from deep roots and hazelnut highlights placed throughout the locks. Hazelnut brown highlights perfectly accentuate dark brown hair while introducing some interest into the look. If you love dark hair colors, this is the best option you may try out.Dark Roots and Hazelnut HighlightsGolden Brown Hair Color

This adorable medium brown ombre is the next option that is quite inspiring. In case if you are not ready for radical changes, consider this option. It requires creating a lovely color transition from dark to light brown. Note that the lighter shades are pretty much accentuated. The color is finished with an ashy brown tone towards the tips. Show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same style.golden brown hair colorLight Brown Hair Color with Highlights

This lovely glossy mane is all about different shades of brown that has been perfectly blended to create a rich brown hair color. The lighter streaks allow the model to experiment with lighter tones. The lighter hues are paired with deep roots look quite impressive. Style your strands in lovely curls to demonstrate the color combo in the best way.Dark Roots and Hazelnut Highlights

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