New Teal Hair Colors to Rock in 2018

Bright hair colors are having a moment right now. And it seems everywhere we turn the locks get lighter and brighter. From bold pastel to multi-tone rainbow shades have become females favorite hair color options. Today we have focused on teal hair colors for 2018. If you are also a fan of rainbows and pastels, you will love the sub-tones of teal. However, this hue looks great both as a solo shade and paired with other tones (bold or solid). Two -Toned Teal Hair Color 

I have already mentioned that teal looks great when paired with other shades as well. And here comes the best proof of my words. The teal has been paired with purple to create a top notch hair color. Ask your hair colorist to keep these tones together by weaving them through a right technique. These highlights complement both light and dark complexion. 

Rainbow Hair Color 

Things may get a lot brighter and bolder with the mix of various shades. Take cue from the following look. It is not an easy look, but after getting the shade you will see that it is totally worth your time and effort. This standout hairstyle requires mixing teal, red blue and purple hues. The result happens to be a mind-blowing hair look like this. We recommend finishing the style with lovely waves. Teal Blue Hair Color 

Is there a better mix rather than teal blue hair? Ready for a new look? Then give your locks some incredible contrast by adding teal highlights. The strategically placed hair highlights take the braided half updo a notch higher.

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