New Teal Hair Colors to Rock in 2018

The advantage of this style is that you can hide these bold highlights, whenever you don’t feel like showing off. Ask your hairstylist for hidden teal highlights.Teal and Black Hair Color Teal Ombre Hair Color 

Mermaid hair has always been your dream? Well, now you can fulfill it by going for an ombre design like this. It is all about light pastels. To get the same style, you need to go from vibrant teal to light ash blonde. It goes without saying that the colors will be possible to apply if only you have very light base. This high-maintenance hairstyle requires regular touchups. Multi-Tone Teal Hair Color 

Modern teal hair colors come in more sophisticated styles. The example is shown below.  The style is all about melted in hair highlights that involve both light and dark shades. It is a complicated design, so we don’t recommend to get it at home. You would better show this picture to your hair colorist, and ask for the same style. Multi-Tone Hair Color

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