Orange Hair Color Trend for 2017

Bright shades are a hot thing right now consequently the quick increase of orange hair is not surprising. Well, orange shade is meant to brighten up your look and make you stand out in the crowd.  The best thing about orange hue is that you can combine this unexpected color with some other shades too. Make sure to find the shade that flatters your skin complexion. Orange color has some other hues that may definitely interest you. If you have troubles choosing the right color pattern, check out the following pictures of orange hair trend for 2017.Orange Hair Color Trend for 2017Deep Orange Hair

You don’t have to deal with short dull strands when there are so many hues to spice them up and provide with cool vibes. This headdress is the best example to inspire you. It involves darker roots that help to create a slight contrast in the design. Apart from the cute shade the locks also have a gorgeous haircut and a messy styling. Some layers will give movement and body to your short strands.Deep Orange HairAmber to Red Ombre

Want to channel your inner mermaid, do that with a beautiful ombre pattern.  This design requires transitioning from a shiny amber hue to a red shade. These two shades are pretty bright but they still form a gorgeous contrast that can be enhanced by layering and drawing a simple center part. For an ethereal touch, go for a floral headband.Amber to Red OmbreRed with a Hint of Orange

All red shades are totally in trend right now but you can pull them off differently to have a unique look and bright color. This particular headdress requires introducing a hint of orange to the red strands though balayage technique. Anyway we love everything about this style, from the hair length to the texture.Red with a Hint of OrangeOrange with Golden Highlights

What about this option? Compared with previous versions this one is less extreme. If you combine right shades you will definitely have a striking headdress. To create a design like this you will need to mix copper and orange hues and then introduce some golden streaks. Well, the overall look has been enhanced with the help of waves.Orange with Golden HighlightsGinger Hair

It is a typical red hair color with a hint of ginger hue. Some women are naturally blessed with this unique hair shade while others have to go for coloring. The styling also matters a lot since it helps to showcase the beauty of the color. For a simple styling, use rods or curlers to create some small and neat spirals.Ginger Hair

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