Subtle White Blonde Hair Ideas

Whitish blonde hair has been on demand for a couple of years and today more and more ladies show readiness to go for this pale tone. This blonde shade is obviously different from the others and the main factor is its lightness that provides a whitish look. This hair color is going to look great on ladies with lighter skin complexion but it still may work for other ladies who know how to use it correctly. Whether you want to upgrade your look or you want to go for radical changes, you need to check out these white blonde hair ideas.    Subtle White Blonde Hair IdeasPearly White Locks

These strands are pretty thin but the pearly blonde shade conceals it. It is one of those cases when a right chosen hair color works for the wearer. To replicate this fantastic look you just need to bleach your long strands and style it by sweeping the locks to sides. As soon as you get this shade, you can be sure having a unique and eye-popping look.      Pearly White Locks Peek a Boo Highlights on Blonde Hair

This headdress proves that a little creativity will provide you with an astounding headdress. This particular design involves introducing a light brown shade to the blonde hair and add some peek a boo highlights to make the straight strands look smoother and more stylish.Peek a Boo Highlights on Blonde HairCool-Toned Silver Blonde

The tones of this headdress are just fantastic and they show how versatile blonde shade can be. It requires doing a balayage on the hair and darkening the roots. You should also maintain a bright silver blonde shade on the mid-shift to create an adorable ombre contrast. However, the wavy texture of the strands is also amazing since they help to introduce some detail to the lovely color.Cool Toned Silver BlondePartial White Highlights

You don’t have to use white blonde throughout the head or make it a dominant shade on your hairdo to look gorgeous. Try to use partial highlights for your light brown locks and you will have the same stunning result. To replicate this look you need to hand paint the shade on the tips and finish by brushing them into face to create a beautiful face framing design.Partial White HighlightsFrom Blonde to Ruby Red

This is a chic look that has thick bangs but by giving them a feminine color you can still take the appearance to a top-notch. As you see the bangs have a bleached out white blonde tone  however you will still need to hand paint the tips of the strands with vibrant red shades. This color combo is just amazing for any lady who wants to make a fashion statement.Partial White Highlights

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