Violet Hair Colors for 2017

This is the best time to play with the craziest hair colors. If you have decided to dye your strands in the most unexpected shades, then you will like our post about violet hair colors for 2017. Whether worn long and sleek or short and wavy, violet strands are literally everywhere. Violet creates a gorgeous combination with some other hues, such as brown and ash blonde. If you want a more complicated color solution then use violet in balayage highlights. These inspiring pictures will definitely help find something cool for you.Violet Hair Colors for 2017Light Violet Hair

The straight long tresses look incredible with a cool-toned violet hair color. The icy lilac shade will stand out and contrast beautifully with rich purple roots. However it is a high-maintenance look that requires regular touchups. Unnatural shades like violet can be easily faded so in order to keep the color fresh don’t forget to use conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair.Light Violet HairPlum Purple Hair

The jewel plum purple shade will provide you a sophisticated look, particularly when you know how to style it correctly. This model pulled her hair back into a gorgeous braided half-updo style to make the color even more visible. However the plum purple shade gives an extra pop to the strands. When you have a rich hair color like this you don’t have to spend much time on styling.Plum Purple HairPurple Ringlets

The best thing about this purple is that it can be adopted by women with different skin complexions. It works well for females with dark skin tone too. The ringlets add a crazy vibe to the strands so you don’t have to wear too bright shade of purple to make a statement. Just make sure you keep your locks hydrated with moisture- the hair products are the key to achieve this look.Purple RingletsNeon Violet Hair Ombre

If you want something more than a simple violet shade then opt for a striking neon ombre. Start with a brighter shade at the top and transition to a pinkish magenta at the bottom. This color combination looks perfect on long straight hair although the waves also will make the trendy ombre design pop up. With these cool shades you will definitely steal the spotlight.Neon Violet Hair OmbreBright Purple Strands

You can really have fun with your bright purple hair! This bold color will speak about your preferences and desires. When it comes to styling, simply curl your locks loosely to bring out the beauty of violet hue. The waves will add a soft, feminine touch to your look that is just irresistible.  Bright Purple Strands

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