Best Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

There are times when brunettes or dark chestnut-haired beauties seek for some little changes for their hair. The majority starts with layers and highlights. But it’s not a secret that trends change by the time and each season we are offered new and new styles. Special for my brunettes here are the best hair highlights for dark brown hair. Switch up your look with a new hairstyle beautified with fresh highlights. This is perhaps the most amazing way to add charm to dull or uninteresting dark highlights for dark brown hair 2017Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

There are light and dark caramel hues which are called caramel blonde and caramel brown. When a single hair color has several shades t gives you the opportunity to find out yours. In this case any brunette can easily find the most suitable caramel hair color for her locks. You can opt for warm and dark caramel highlights to get a kind of balayage effect which is one of the most popular branches of the ombre style. Add caramel highlights on the middle parts of your locks and finish at the tips. Keep the top part in its dark hue to be provided with a natural result. Caramel highlights go well with tanned, olive and darker skin tones. So, brunettes with dark skin tones will look delightful in this cool style.Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2017Dark Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Many of us go crazy with the reddish shades on hair. While blondes have less possibilities to play with red highlights dark-haired women are welcome to try out many tints of red from the rich palette. The latest trendy red hair colors include dark burgundy, copper and reddish brown. You should opt for the shade that compliments your base hair color. It’s better to create a blended style where your natural dark hair color is mingled with the reddish tones and the result is a kind of dark reddish brown hair color.Dark Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2017Light Brown Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Need a lighter tone than yours? What about the golden light brown highlights? While many dye their entire hair into this stunning hair color we offer you to highlight your beautiful dark brown locks with a lighter tint. Light shades always have more advantages as they are subtler, softer and shinier. You can update your highlights once a month to keep its pretty lightness on your hair.Light Brown Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2017Dark Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

There are a few shades of blonde that match with dark brown hair. One of them is the dark honey blonde. Compared with the rest of blonde shades it sparkles on dark hair more beautifully and tends to frame your face with healthier-looking strands. Honey blonde highlights work well with olive and warm skin tones and look natural with hazel and green eyes. However you can combine this hue with brown eyes too.Dark Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2017