2017 Bantu Knots for Long and Short Hair

The roots of Bantu knots come from Africa. In ancient times the African women used to gather their hair into top knots to keep the locks neat in hot seasons. Nowadays Bantu knots are popular all over the world. Bantu knots can be worn in various ways; you can either twist or braid them. If you want to get an idea of styling your hair into Bantu buns, then look below where I have selected the coolest Bantu knots for 2017.    bantu knots hairstyles for 2017Feminine Knots

Natural-looking hairstyles are always in the center of attention and they will always be our favorite ones. In this design cute Bantu knots have been set out across the head. It is not necessary to get them all in the same size, just make sure that they are twisted and secured. This is a perfect style for busy girls.feminine knots for 2017Creative Knot

If you want you can turn your partings into artworks and team them with twisted buns or bun braids for an attractive style just like this one. To replicate this hairstyle you need to part your hair into various portions. The Dutch braid connects all mini knots to partings. This is a polished and well-defined look that can be adopted by everyone.

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