2017 Best Ideas for Shaggy Haircut

Traditional Shaggy HaircutLong Shaggy Haircut with Baby Bangs

Platinum blonde and tousled shag haircut is all you could wish for this season. It has been layered and paired with baby bangs for a little bit bolder look. When it comes to baby bangs, you will need to consult with your stylist about it. Unfortunately this type of bangs is not for all as it may bring out your flaws.  Long Shaggy Haircut with Baby BangsWavy Shag Haircut

If you want to have a fashion forward haircut then why not, add some beach waves to your shag. You know what you should do? You should bring your curling iron back and create lovely waves or curls. It is the most effortless way to have a modern hairstyle without chopping off your locks or going for extreme hair colors.Wavy Shag HaircutCasual Shag Haircut

Well, you want to copy this look? It so easy because you just need to grab your mousse or hair wax and apply it to your locks while creating some textured curls and waves. Finish the look with a blow dryer. It is an effortless casual hairstyle that can be matched with any outfit. Everyone can sport this style, regardless of natural texture and hair length.Casual Shag HaircutMessy Shag Haircut

When you combine two different trends such as ombre and shag the result might just be surprising. The lighter tips of your locks may take the shag cut a step higher. You can go bold with vibrant and bright hair colors or keep it charming with natural sold shades. The style looks absolutely amazing with trendy beach waves.  messy shaggy haircut

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