2017 Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Nowadays Mohawks are in mainstream. They are no longer only for punks and rockers. Upgraded Mohawks are being paired with beautiful braids. Such Mohawks are sometimes being called fauxhawks too. When we have gorgeous hairstyles like these ones we don’t need to consider the name anymore. Braided Mohawks well provide you with height and volume, although you can always keep everything under control. Now have a look at these braided Mohawks for 2017.2017 Braided Mohawk HairstylesCool Topsy Tail

This interesting style has been created by forming a simple ponytail then separating the hair at the base before gathering the pony up and through the opening. The method has been repeated several times and combined with a simple regular plait to form a waterfall of gorgeously styled hair that reaches down from the crown and ends in a loose braid. Look is incredibly attractive isn’t it?

topsy tail Mohawk hairstyle

topsy tail Mohawk hairstyle

Glamorous Mohawk

Here a loose Mohawk braid is the basic part of the style which draws our attention on the sides that have been gently sleeked up into the do. The braid ends at the back of the neck where the locks have been turned into a braid. The flyaway strands at the top of the head make the look messy and casual.

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