2017 Crimped Hairstyle Ideas

You probably already know that crimped hairstyles have already made their great comeback. While walking down the street you can see many girls wearing crimped hairstyles. Colorful crimped updos and braids are the hit of the season. Crimped strands are meant to provide you with dimension and extra texture. It also helps maintain volume of your hair. Below you can see the best ideas for crimped hairstyles for 2017. If you like to be trendy then these designs are definitely for you.2017 Crimped Hairstyle IdeasLavender Crimped Hair

If you are looking for something edgier and bolder than a classic wavy headdress then this option is definitely for you. Apart from traditional curling tools you can also achieve this effect with the help of straightening iron. Just create ten or more braids and then run your straightening tool over it. But it is the color that gives this style a bold touch. Lavender shade is a hot thing right not and it accessorizes any headdress.Lavender Crimped HairCrimped Dutch Braid

The best thing about crimped strands is that you can pull them off the way you want. You just need to crimp the locks before creating any hairdo. The achieved texture makes the hair appear thicker so that any braid or bun has a lot more volume. However this particular headdress also requires plaiting a Dutch braid. To finish the style you can use some hair accessories.Crimped Dutch BraidCool-Toned Crimped Updo

It is not necessary to go for full crimping since even simple accents will help you to enhance the appearance of your hairdo. The certain crimped layers or streaks will give a cute touch to your updo. This particular headdress is the best example, however apart from crimped strands it also has green and blue ribbons. You can achieve these cute colors with the help of hair chalks.   Cool Toned Crimped UpdoBerry Textured Crown

Here is another updo style that is simply stunning. The sparkling hues make the style stand out. Apart from gorgeous colors you should also give the hair a right styling. To replicate this style you will need to crimp your strands and then create two crown braids next to each other by sectioning off the top hair and working on the crown braid at the hairline.Berry Textured CrownCrimped Fishtail Braids

Due to crimping these locks have incredible texture. The micro crimped texture was added to the roots and after braiding the hair was pulled to create the maximum thickness. The result appears to be a soft romantic look. To achieve this particular style you should also have some braiding skills. However, braids always look complicated while they are too easy to create.Crimped Fishtail Braids

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