2017 Curly Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

The curly Mohawk involves some elements of the non-conventional hairstyle and a feminine touch to create something that is ridiculously gorgeous. It is true that due to their bold and sharp look the Mohawks have been mostly reserved for men but elegant elements added to the headdress make it super wearable for women too. These hairstyles are timeless and can be rocked by all women out there. For some inspo check out 2017 curly Mohawk hairstyle ideas for women.2017 Curly Mohawk Hairstyle IdeasCurly Faux Hawk

Sometimes you can’t really take the wheel and chop your strands off but after doing that you will have plenty of new ways to style your short strands. Here popular Rihanna is wearing an ideal faux hawk that has some thick, gorgeous curls and slick back sides that look like shaved. The luscious curls on the top of the head are styled in a messy way to create a contrasting look with the neat sides that shape the face.Curly Faux HawkMohawk with Pin up Sides

The ways of wearing Mohawks are versatile. It is not necessary to have short strands in order to sport it. In this example the Mohawk is achieved by pulling up the sides gently and tucking them underneath the crown of thick locks. The result is going to be a voluminous top highlighted by cute sides that reveal the frame of the face.

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