2017 Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Straight Hair

Hair trends are changing day by day providing with new ways of styling straight and curly hair. Straight hair allows you to go for various styling options. Well, what should straight hair owners pull off? According to the hairstylists boho waves are great for straight hair particularly when paired with a center or a middle part. Silky soft ponytails look so elegant on straight hair and can be rocked in formal settings too. Let’s not forget about messy updos too! Anyway check out these pictures of gorgeous hairstyles for women with straight hair for 2017 and get inspired from.  2017 Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Straight HairCrossed Over Twists

This is an inspiring headdress for women with short and straight hair and it involves a sweet combination of twists and criss crosess. You can pull off this simple style with the help of setting spray and a few hair pins. It will take less than five minutes plus it is an excellent way to show of the beautiful contrast of your brown blonde strands. Feel free to pair this headdress with your casual outfit.Crossed Over TwistsCriss-Crossed Chignon

Here is another criss-crossed style that is worth to try if you have straight hair. The design will be hardly visible on curly strands so this updo requires straight hair. The technique is not hard to figure out. Try a tucked chignon that is spiced up with a criss-cross pattern across the back of the head. It is an updo style for formal settings.  

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