2017 Iconic Hairstyles by Justin Timberlake

Is that news that Justin is a style icon for millions? Whether walking on the red carpet or just spending time with his family, he always has a fantastic look. He cares of his appearance over everything else. The hairstyle is the first thing people notice, and Justin knows it, for this reason he always has a neat and polish style. Here I have selected some hot hairstyles for 2017 by incredible Justin Timberlake that draw inspiration and give us an idea how to look sexy with s short cut all the time.2017 Iconic Hairstyles by Justin TimberlakeSimple Crew Cut

This gorgeous design involves a closely cropped crew cut which he has perfectly paired with his natural light brown hair color. The cut connects the beard and moustache and creates a warm relaxed look. This particular headdress proves that you don’t need to go for complicated styles to have a refined look.Simple Crew CutSlicked-Back Hair

Here Justin has a relatively darker base color and some well-placed highlights give a distinct tone. Apart from the shade hair has a deep side parting and the strands on other side have been combed back. Well, if you are graced with a shiny hair like this, you can easily replicate it by just applying some hair products for a better effect.

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