2017 Iconic Hairstyles by Justin Timberlake

Is that news that Justin is a style icon for millions? Whether walking on the red carpet or just spending time with his family, he always has a fantastic look. He cares of his appearance over everything else. The hairstyle is the first thing people notice, and Justin knows it, for this reason he always has a neat and polish style. Here I have selected some hot hairstyles for 2017 by incredible Justin Timberlake that draw inspiration and give us an idea how to look sexy with s short cut all the time.2017 Iconic Hairstyles by Justin TimberlakeSimple Crew Cut

This gorgeous design involves a closely cropped crew cut which he has perfectly paired with his natural light brown hair color. The cut connects the beard and moustache and creates a warm relaxed look. This particular headdress proves that you don’t need to go for complicated styles to have a refined look.Simple Crew CutSlicked-Back Hair

Here Justin has a relatively darker base color and some well-placed highlights give a distinct tone. Apart from the shade hair has a deep side parting and the strands on other side have been combed back. Well, if you are graced with a shiny hair like this, you can easily replicate it by just applying some hair products for a better effect.slicked back hairCopper Hair

As you see he knows what color to wear in order to fit it with the cut. In this picture he colored his hair in an attractive copper shade. There is also a razor cut around the sides that has been neatly graded into the top hair that is all brushed back. If you want to replicate this look, you should know that the color and the length are the most important elements.copper hair Tousled Top

It is said that Justin is a true fan of tousled top hairstyles. In this picture he rocks a high bowl or mushroom cut in a gorgeous hazel color. The top locks have been ruffled to create a wonderful boost and introduce some interest into this look. The straight lines just above the forehead bring out the beauty of his face features.Tousled TopBrown Bowl Cut

This natural-looking brown shade helps to highlight his blue eyes and cool skin tone. The hair has been perfectly graded on the sides and is slightly longer on the top that has been brushed to create flat with a side parting. This cut will provide you an adorable look so if you want to keep it simple yet sexy then this is what you are looking for.Brown Bowl CutSpiky Top

In this style the hair has been given a simple crew cut with some light colored tips. His stylist has used some hair products to give the locks a spiky texture and add height to his look. Well, everyone will admit that this style suits him a lot.cool spiky top

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